Benefits of Managing Chemical Inventory with ChemTracker

Enhance Compliance

      • Demonstrate compliance with existing regulations
      • Reduce possibility of exceeding allowed quantities for an area with limit-based reporting
      • Improve regulatory reporting accuracy
      • View hazard classifications and definitions

Enhance Lab Safety

      • Link to SDS and safety information
      • Improved safety information access
      • Readily available emergency response information
      • Eliminate duplication of chemicals ordered
      • Provide for surplus chemical use on-site

Enhance EH&S Information Control

      • Track hazardous materials by location, owner, total amounts and container
      • Search inventory with multiple criteria
      • View hazard, toxicological, and physical reference data
      • Run inventory reports from web browsers
      • Use barcoding to track container inventory from receiving to storage to disposal

Reduce Compliance-related Costs

      • Reduce regulatory report production time
      • Reduce use of regulatory reporting consultants
      • Use surplus inventory efficiently to reduce purchasing and disposal costs

Reduce Facilities Costs

      • Reduce construction costs through improved design analysis based on occupancy-type requirements
      • Assist in obtaining regulatory approval and permits with standard reports and validated hazard classifications

Reduce IT Costs

      • Hosted solution requires no hardware purchases
      • Enterprise-wide implementation
      • Requires minimal local IT support