Welcome to ChemTracker

Finding the best fit for your chemical inventory business needs is a challenge that the ChemTracker team understands very well, particularly for colleges and universities of all sizes and research intensive kevin1_10_7_16croppedenvironments. Multiple chemical inventory systems are on the market, and shopping for a system can be like shopping for apples, oranges, guavas and giraffes due to the variability in functions, configurations and costs.

ChemTracker provides a powerful, high-value solution with an extensive classified reference database, robust searching and reporting, and is competitively priced. In addition, as a ChemTracker Consortium member you will have access to other ChemTracker Consortium members to share best management practices.

ChemTracker’s Key Features:

  • Web-based, Stanford-hosted
  • Inventory tracking down to bay/bench, shelf, cabinet level
  • Reference database of 36,000 classified chemicals/mixtures + 117,000 synonyms
  • Robust searching … by hazard, regulation, storage segregation code, and more …
  • Extensive regulatory and compliance reports
  • Easy to use interface, logical screen navigation
  • Outstanding Customer Support

To find out how ChemTracker can help you manage your chemical inventory, produce compliance reports, and provide chemical safety information for your campus, request a web demo or contact me directly at 650-723-4767 to discuss the functions and benefits of ChemTracker in more detail.

Thank you for your time and the-more I use ChemTracker the happier I aminterest in ChemTracker.


Kevin Creed
Manager, ChemTracker Program
EH&S Stanford University